The strangest types of sports around the world .. including underwater ironing and zorbing

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For centuries, peoples have been interested in new sports, especially for entertainment and for fitness, such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and tennis, which are some of the most common sports, but there are hundreds of different sports that are played all over the world and are classified as strange games, many of these sports Old and traditional, while there are also some strange modern sports that have emerged only in the past few years, so “The Seventh Day” reviews the strangest sports that have been played around the world according to the websitebusinessinsider” As follows:

Kabaddi or Kabaddi Sport:

The sport of Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh and Nepal, and it has an annual tournament that the World Cup is held in South Asia. The game is as follows that the “striker” must run across the midfield and mark the players in the opposing team, before returning to their half, may This sounds simple enough, but the attacker also has to do all this while holding his breath when he is in the opponent’s half, and when the attacker returns he will cheer kabaddi, kabaddi He took his breath to show he hadn’t inhaled.


Prepare zorbing One of the newer sports that has been developed, and it is an extreme sport that has become very popular in recent years, it is not hard to see why either, because the participation looks great fun and it is also somewhat comical and weird, it seems that there is no competitive element involved, which makes it a fun activity More of a sport, it involves getting inside a large inflatable ball made of clear plastic, which is then tossed down the slope of a hill, causing you to roll until you finally stop.


Underwater ironing:

It is an extreme and indescribably exotic sport and is considered a performance art that originated in the UK, but a documentary about the sport has helped spread it around the world and is now being shown globally, as the name suggests hard ironing, which is carried out either under the seas or over the peaks In the mountains, this extreme sport combines the excitement of outdoor activity with the comfort of a well-compressed shirt.

hard ironing
hard ironing


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