The easiest way to massage your skin at home.. Facing aging and reducing stress

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Every woman is keen to make herself in the best condition, whether taking care of her hair and taking care of it, taking care of her skin, choosing appropriate makeup for her, and fashion that make her look elegant and classy, ​​but far from that care there is a facial massage that is not appreciated as it deserves, although it is important to make the skin absorb Better, stimulates blood flow, renews cells, relaxes the muscles under the skin and reduces tension, which may lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the jaw and neck area, and there are easy ways to do a skin massage at home to make the face bright and fresh without paying a large cost in beauty salons, according to magazine websitemarieclaire“.

Step 1 (start in a zigzag motion across the forehead)

This way can be done when cleaning the face with lotion in the evening. A gentle pressure can be used. A tightening effect can be obtained through the middle and fourth fingers, and walking in a zigzag movement from left to right, across the forehead, and this action will lead to the release of the front muscle, which covers part of the forehead. and the skull, which helps to raise the eyebrows and make the upper parts of the face relaxed.

The second step is to raise eyebrows

A large amount of pressure can be used with the middle finger while scrolling up, into the eye cavity, through the eyebrows and then releasing it when reaching the outer part of the eye, it is possible to wipe under the eyes but without pressing the thin skin, this can be done about 6 times, it is analgesic Super cool for stress.

The third step (pressing the lower part of the face)

This step uses the thumbs, which makes a suction movement from the chin, across the jaw line, down to the ears, which gives a tightening effect to the lower part of the face, stimulates blood circulation, and helps in lymphatic drainage, and 6 movements can be done along the jaw line, And 6 movements from the corners of the mouth to the ear.

Fourth step (wipe down the neck)

6 sweeping movements can be done from side to side, working along the neck, which helps to purify the skin and get rid of any puffiness in the jaw, and improve the lower part of the face, and this method of massage is comfortable.

skin massage

neck massage
neck massage

Eyelid massage
Eyelid massage

Forehead massage
Forehead massage



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