If his academic achievement is low and his grades are poor.. how do you make your child love studying?

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Some children do not like to go to school because they do not prefer the traditional method that their parents follow when helping them to study, and their academic achievement becomes low, and this problem can be solved by following several tips that we review in this report, according to the website ” oxfordlearning “.

Tips to motivate a child to study

Know why he doesn’t like to study?

The mother should discover at the beginning of the school year the various reasons that prompted her child to run away from studying and refrain from completing the homework, which could lie in the student’s misunderstanding of the material, or his lack of understanding from the teacher’s method of explanation, or even his feeling of anxiety from school or not enjoying the amount Sufficient self-confidence.

A mother helping her child study

Help him study

The mother should encourage her child to study by choosing a quiet room for the child, providing him with his favorite food and drink, and it is recommended that he drink plenty of water so that he feels energetic and energetic, and preparing school tools with preparing a schedule that helps the mother review the various lessons.

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Make a study plan

The mother must help her child by defining a strong study plan in which the number of hours sufficient to study each subject and to complete the homework, with the child getting some rest from time to time.

A mother helping her child
A mother helping her child

Select a reward

It is also preferable for the mother to reward her child for studying his lessons, whether by giving him a piece of candy or watching TV for a certain time.

support your child

The mother should support her child by communicating with him all the time and helping him to overcome the difficulties he faces while studying while developing his self-confidence.


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