An Australian artist bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth by drawing her drawing on the sands of the sea. Photos

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Australian artist Sue Norman pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II in her own way with an engraving of the late on the sands of Brighton Beach in Adelaide, South Australia.

Yesterday, about 250 thousand people took a farewell look at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Hall in London, but Norman and many Australians were unable to do so, which made the artist work to create a drawing of the late in the sand, and invite those wishing to memorialize the Queen to come to the site.

drawing of queen elizabeth

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the Australian artist said that she thought of this drawing in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, as a wonderful historical model..

Norman added, that before proceeding with the drawing, she appealed to her followers who wished to bring flowers to come in the morning with the creation of a special space so that it could be washed with water with the tide of the sea, and its condition was that it should not be plastic or rubber..

In the light of the sun at ten in the morning, and in view of the hundreds of citizens lined up on the beach, Norman carried out the drawing, which took a full 3 hours, while the state funeral, which was followed by millions around the world, proceeded to Windsor Castle, where the Queen was buried..

Drawing the queen on the sand

drawing the queen on the sand

She noted that the tide did not rise for hours long enough to erase the queen’s drawing, continuing: “I was very surprised that the queen’s sand drawing did not only last until sunset, but the tide never rose enough to erase it.”

The pictures, published by the Australian artist through her accounts on social networking sites, received wide reactions, as the drawing matched the real form of the queen, as well as for its symbolism on the day of farewell..


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