A strange scene.. Fishermen document the journey of two gazelles in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.. Video

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Fishermen in the US state of Massachusetts documented an unexpected sight, as they spotted two deer swimming in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The New York Times”.

New York Post report

The video clip showed that the fishermen were looking for something in the deep water, when they saw the two deer in the open water, and it is mentioned here that the deer are considered excellent swimmers and can traverse distances of up to ten miles in the water, according to the World Deer website.


In another reality, it is noteworthy that a horrific video clip showed a giant crocodile carrying the body of a man across a lake in Mexico, and the footage published by a person named Porfirio Ibarra, on Thursday, shows a handful of terrified onlookers filming the scene on the banks of the stagnant waters of Laguna del Carpentero in Tampico Tamaulipas According to the New York Post.

The video footage shows the spectators watching the frightening scene while the giant crocodile swims slowly and carries a half-naked person to a body that lost his left arm and foot, while the crocodile fixed its jaw on the right shoulder and the side of the unidentified man’s head. From the images, it appears that the size of the reptile is at least three times the size of its prey, Which suggests that it may reach 18 feet in length.


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