6 steps to apply nail polish make your fingers beautiful and attractive

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Some girls may feel bored when applying nail polish to her and find it not good and inappropriate on her hand, which makes her feel very ashamed because she is not able to apply polish. There are several ways a girl can apply paint that makes her perfectly beautiful, according to the website.beautybay“.

The first step

When thinking about nail polish, the first step is to cut and file it, appropriately using a nail file, the round shape looks beautiful on the nails of a short girl, but if a girl has longer nails, you should not hesitate to make it square or round or a combination of the two methods, and you should avoid Back and forth movements because this movement helps to damage the nails.

The second step

Applying a base coat to the nails, which gives them a smooth surface for the polish to stick to easily, and makes the polish last longer and helps protect the nails from stains. The base coat should be left to dry completely.

The third step

When applying the paint should be done with the attached brush to paint, and press it to form a very neat line Count the tip, put at the base of the three lines, one line in the middle, a line on both sides, be careful to cover the edge of the nails to get a clean and neat look, and make the paint last For a long time.

The fourth step

A second coat of nail polish can be applied, but it must be applied in thin layers so that it is easy to dry, avoiding any mess. The error.

Fifth step

A quick nail polish coat that locks in color, prevents chipping, and adds extra shine to nails.

Sixth step

Cuticle oil should be applied to the nails after finishing the polish to keep the nails moisturized and healthy. Using the oil helps the skin to make the nail polish for a long time.

nail file

oil for skin
oil for skin

base layer
base layer

second coat of paint
second coat of paint

polishing layer
polishing layer

Apply nail polish with a brush
Apply nail polish with a brush


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