4 exercises to strengthen the body and muscles, do it every morning to be more fit

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Each of us wants to lose weight, whether by following a special diet or exercising, to get rid of the extra calories, and for this, when exercising, it is necessary to practice permanently until the desired result is obtained.

There are some exercises that work magic and lose weight, according to the site “timesofindia“.

Jumping jacks exercise

You can start the exercise with a minute of light jumping, which is a good way to start the exercise, which is great for losing weight and strengthening bones while reducing stress, in addition to strengthening the muscles of the body.

swing exercise

Swinging exercise is weightlifting, which helps build muscle, and swing exercises can burn about 20.2 calories per minute, and work on the deltoid and traps, chest, buttocks, and hamstrings, and beneficial for heart health, and promotes weight loss, by doing this exercise.

Squat Cup Workout

In this exercise, the weight of a dumbbell should be carried in front of the chest with both hands, squat down and follow the elbow between the knees, and the back should not be pressed, because it targets the buttocks, strengthens the heart and strengthens the lower body.

Superman workout

The Superman exercise is excellent to do at the end of the exercise, because it provides the body with activity, and targets the lower back muscles, the butt muscles, the hamstrings, and the abdominal muscles, and this exercise helps prevent any kind of injury after the exercise, improves the strength and stability of the back and shoulder muscles, and improves The back is of good strength, especially for those who have a hunchback, so be sure to exercise slowly if you are still a beginner.



jumping cranes
jumping cranes

squat cup
squat cup

side board
side board


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