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Recommendation to tighten control over passengers’ baggage to combat cholera

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publish date 2022-09-20 17:07:31

A meeting held by the National Center for Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases, chaired by Dr. Raeda Al-Qutb and in the presence of the concerned authorities, discussed, today, Tuesday, precautionary measures at the national level to prepare and respond to confront cholera after its return to spreading in some neighboring countries.

Representatives from the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Environment, Water and Irrigation, the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, the Food and Drug General Corporation and other partners participated in the meeting.

The meeting discussed the developments of the re-spread of cholera in some neighborhoods, and the follow-up to the measures recommended last week in this regard, stressing the need for continued coordination between the concerned official authorities with the center in the coming period to ensure health security and prevent the spread of the disease in the Kingdom.

They stressed the need to intensify control over the baggage of travelers coming from border crossings, especially on foods that are eaten raw, such as vegetables and fruits, and to destroy them if they are not canned or unprocessed.

The attendees stressed that the situation in the Kingdom related to cholera is reassuring so far, because drinking water is the main source of cholera transmission safe in Jordan and conforms to specifications and standards, and wastewater is treated in purification plants designated for this purpose.

They stressed that the health infrastructure in the Kingdom is ready and able to deal with any cases that are detected or suspected of being infected with cholera.

In turn, Dr. Al-Qutb said that among the tasks of the center, according to its system, is to monitor epidemics and communicable diseases at the national, regional and international levels, to detect new or emerging threats and to recommend their prevention, in addition to coordinating response efforts to epidemics, pandemics and other health threats and implementing health emergency plans.

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