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Palestinian martyred by PA security bullets in Nablus

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publish date 2022-09-20 09:06:03

The Palestinian citizen, Firas Yaish (53 years), was martyred at dawn today, Tuesday, from a critical wound he sustained from the bullets of the Palestinian Authority security forces in the Nablus governorate in the middle of this night.

Clashes erupted between the PA security forces and hundreds of citizens who marched in refusal to arrest the stalker, Musab Shtayyeh, by the Preventive Security near the Shuhada Roundabout in Nablus.

4 civilians were injured in those confrontations, including Yaish, who was later announced dead, while there is talk of another serious injury.

At dawn, family sources announced the death of Firas Yaish due to a head injury. He was subsequently transferred to the hospital in a critical condition, and the doctors announced that he had been upgraded at a later time.

The martyr Ya’ish is the brother of the martyr Amjad Ya’ish, who was martyred by the occupation bullets years ago.

Mass rallies took place in Nablus, in which gunmen participated and fired in the air. Gunmen from the Old City and Balata, as well as in Jenin, held press conferences calling on the Palestinian Authority to release Shtayyeh, who is wanted by the Israeli occupation forces, who has survived several times of assassination in the past months.

The “Lions of the Black” group mourned the martyr Yaish, who was shot dead by the security services, and called for mourning and not opening shops.

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