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Modifying the foundations of drilling wells in the southern Jordan Valley areas

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publish date 2022-09-20 14:13:42

The Secretary-General of the Jordan Valley Authority, Manar Mahasneh, said that the Council of Ministers recently agreed to amend the foundations of drilling underground wells in the Jordan Valley region, and to allow agricultural units in the southern Jordan Valley regions to benefit from saline water, to alleviate the water deficit throughout the cultivation periods and to ensure the provision of a source of use. permanent.

And she added in a statement today, Tuesday, that drilling wells has become permissible in the northern, central and southern regions of the Jordan Valley, in a way that serves and facilitates farmers, stressing that the use of this water maintains the sustainability of agriculture in those areas of all kinds.

Al-Mahasneh indicated that the approval of these amendments aims to facilitate farmers, enable them to carry out their duties, and provide water sources for farmers to irrigate their crops, especially in light of the decline in available water resources as a result of the increasing effects of climate change, especially in the regions of Jordan, to ensure the provision of additional quantities of water to enhance production. agricultural.

She pointed out that the decision came in accordance with the specific conditions and licenses, explaining that the basis for permitting the drilling of wells in the Jordan Valley for the year 2022 on agricultural units located between Adasiya in the north to Ghuwaiba in the south, including the 14.5 km project, provided that it is covered by the irrigation projects of the Jordan Valley Authority.

She stressed that the provisions of the recent amendments apply to “everyone who has the right to dispose of no less than two agricultural units or an agricultural unit with an area equal to or more than 60 dunums, and that the amount of water extracted from the well is free of charge if it is less than 75,000 cubic meters and more.” 100 fils/m3, and that the agricultural units that share the benefit of one well be within the same agricultural basin, or that the distance between the agricultural units located in different agricultural basins does not exceed 1000 meters, and that the depth of digging the subterranean well does not exceed 150 metres. It is not permissible for an agricultural unit to share more than one well. It is prohibited to plant new trees in the unit without the approval of the Jordan Valley Authority.


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