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“Islamic Work Education” supports the Jerusalem school strike and demands its Jordanian and Islamic support

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publish date 2022-09-20 20:28:41

The Education Committee of the Islamic Action Front Party said that it is following up on the continuation of the strikes of schools and students in the occupied city of Jerusalem; Which came as a reaction to the rejection of the distorted curricula that the Zionist occupation authorities are trying to impose on Palestinian schools in the city, and threaten to withdraw the licenses of schools that are not committed to teaching distorted curricula.

In a statement issued by the committee, the committee expressed its full support and support for the comprehensive strike, which rejects the guardianship of the occupiers over curricula and education, and addresses the process of distortion and forgery of the past and present and everything that expresses the Palestinian Arab identity.

The committee stressed the need for diplomatic action by Arab and Islamic countries, and to provide support and popular support for this strike, which is an important part in confronting Zionist projects targeting the Arab and Islamic presence in the city of Jerusalem.

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