With a feather duster and baking soda.. Different ways to clean curtains without removing them

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Many girls and women resort to choosing luxurious and huge designs for curtains, due to the decoration system they chose to establish their home, and this is what makes them suffer from the problem of cleaning them later, due to the overlapping designs of fabric and threads, so “The Seventh Day” reviews simple steps that help you clean the curtains Heavy weight without having to disassemble it, which requires great effort, according to the “thespruce” website as follows:

Use the vacuum cleaner:

You can resort to the vacuum cleaner, after loosening the ties that can be untied without affecting the basic shape of the curtains, and then installing the tool intended to remove dust from the folds of the fabric, not forgetting the corners on the ceiling and the wooden sides to avoid the accumulation of dust, spiders and insects.


Feather Duster:

Use a feather duster to clean the parts of wooden blinds and aluminum blinds. It is a quick way to clean the blinds on a daily basis while cleaning the house, so as not to accumulate dust and create dirt stains on the blinds, balconies and ceiling cornices.

feather duster
feather duster

Soapy water:

You can use a mixture of liquid automatic laundry powder to not form foam, and warm water to clean stains on the curtains, clean them with clean lukewarm water, then dry them with a microfiber towel, then open the windows to ensure that the fabric is well dried, and no mold is formed from the water, which leads to the appearance of The smell of “kumma”.

Cleaning with soap and water
Cleaning with soap and water

baking soda:

A little of it can be dissolved in water, then soak a piece of cloth in it, then squeeze it well and wipe the curtain fabric with it, then wipe it in the same way, but with clean water, to make sure that there are no residues on it.

Cleaning blinds without removing them
Cleaning blinds without removing them

water broom:

The carpet cleaning broom can be used to clean the hanging curtains, if you have it, using the soap designated for that, but in half the quantity, so as not to negatively affect the curtain fabric, and rinse it in the same way.


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