Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter honors her grandmother by wearing a silver “horse” necklace

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Lady Louise Windsor seemed to pay a special and gentle tribute to her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II as she appeared in Westminster Abbey yesterday, wearing a horse necklace, as Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren held a pause to pay their respects to the late Queen, who passed away 11 days ago.

Queen’s granddaughter

Lady Louise, described as the Queen’s ‘favorite’ granddaughter, wore a traditional black dress for the event, which she wore with an apparently silver-tone metal necklace featuring a sturdy chain and a horse’s head necklace.

Queen's grandchildren
Queen’s grandchildren

And the British “Daily Mail” website mentions, one of the reasons that led to believe that the 18-year-old was very close to the Queen, is that she is famous for her passion for everything related to equestrianism.

Sharing the grandchildren
Sharing the grandchildren

US President Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife Jill, arrived at Westminster Abbey Abbey, to participate in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife arrived before him among the delegations participating in the official prayer at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, and about 2,000 guests began in Arrive at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which begins two hours later.

A bus stopped outside, carrying several MPs and other dignitaries, including Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, and most guests are brought by bus – with the exception of US President Joe Biden.

The London Stock Exchange is closed (LSE) its doors to trade today on the occasion of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. London markets are operating, including FTSE 100 and associated trading indices, every day since the Queen’s death.


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