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Doctors were able to remove a strip of gauze from a patient’s body more than two decades later after a doctor forgot it in her intestines during a previous surgery 20 years ago, as the patient remained completely asymptomatic for 20 years despite the presence of a very large foreign body in the abdominal cavity, according to As confirmed by the doctors.

The 65-year-old patient – whose name has not been given – underwent a series of operations in 1999, because she was suffering from a rare type of cancer called gastric mucosal carcinoma, where she underwent surgery to remove the tumor, according to the New York Post.

X-rays reveal gauze in the patient’s abdomen

She reportedly underwent a gastrectomy and a lumpectomy before she underwent chemotherapy, and while she was eventually declared cancer-free, it appeared the surgeons had accidentally left something behind during the operation.

On the other hand, it is indicated that there are incidents of extracting foreign bodies from the bodies of patients, whether doctors forgot them or the person accidentally swallowed them. A Saudi woman for four years, and the girl is 11 years old, after they discovered a foreign body in the upper part of the esophagus during routine examinations, according to the Saudi newspaper, Sabq..

The newspaper pointed out that the girl swallowed the coin by mistake, and did not tell her parents, and she did not show any symptoms at all, or shortness of breath, despite her reviewing the hospital several times during the past two years, as she suffers from sickle cell disease..

Gauze extracted from the patient's abdomen
Gauze extracted from the patient’s abdomen

In a medical discussion about medical errors globally, Saudi doctors addressed this story, in which they indicated that the metal piece was extracted from the girl’s body 4 years after she swallowed it, according to the medical journal. “le Ear, Nose & Throat Journal”.

According to the speakers, the metal object appeared in the chest x-ray that was conducted for the girl four years ago during a routine examination, and at that time the treating doctor believed that it might be a piece of a necklace or buttons on her clothes, but after a new chest x-ray was conducted recently, the presence of the same body was observed, which is what Detecting an error, and the need for rapid medical intervention.

And the girl moved to the operating room after conducting all the medical examinations, and the surgeons decided to make an incision in the neck area to extract the coin in a delicate operation. The girl was able to leave the hospital after four days, and she was followed up for several weeks until it was confirmed that everything was back to normal, and her body and weight improved.


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