After the death of Elizabeth, the wealth of the royal family is estimated at 23 billion dollars, with Charles his largest share

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“The Company”, a nickname for the British monarchy and its institutions coined by King George VI, is worth at least $23 billion, according to a new report published by the Sunday Times in London, as the wealth of the royal family’s assets has increased over the past decade, which includes Buildings, land, mineral rights, arts and other treasures, faster than at any other time since Edward the Confessor acquired the first pieces of their property nearly 1,000 years ago, reports the New York Post.

In just 10 years, the wealth of the largest institutions of the monarchy doubled – The Crown Estate The Duchesses of Lancaster and Cornwall, where members of the royal family also own hundreds of miles of the British coast, and the American newspaper, the Ascot Racecourse, the Oval cricket ground, and many of London’s most famous private members’ clubs, are among the property of the royal family..

Ascot Racecourse

oval cricket stadium
oval cricket stadium

The report says, “The project value is Crown Estate which is a huge real estate portfolio that includes land and buildings in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, about $ 18 billion only, and half of the wealth comes from Crown Estate of real estate in London, including every street Regent Street Roughly, however, although Crown Estate It belongs to the ruling king, but it is not theirs to do as they please, as the sitting king or queen does not have the power to sell the property and they do not receive direct income from the estate.

Instead, the profits from the ownership of the crown go back to the treasury, which returns a percentage of this amount to the royal family as the sovereign grant, and the report said that among the royal family, the fortune of King Charles III, 73, is about one billion dollars, with the death of his mother, the Queen. Elizabeth II, inherited the Duchy of Lancaster, a property owned by the king since the 14th century, as well as 45 acres of land in Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and South Wales.

King Charles
King Charles III

Although Buckingham Palace, and the other royal palaces, are owned by the Trust, Sandringham Estate In Norfolk, which spans over 20,000 acres, theBalmoral The castle, where Queen Elizabeth II died, and 50,000 acres, was the property of the Queen, and is likely to pass to Charles, while it will never be known how much Charles will eventually get from his mother, as a court decided in 1820 that the king’s will does not need to be published.

Prince William, 40, also became a billionaire after his grandmother’s death, as the Duchy of Cornwall passed to him, and the new Prince of Wales was already rich, having inherited millions from his late mother, Princess Diana, and his great-grandmother..

Prince William
Prince William

Princess Anne’s fortune is estimated at about $52 million, as Elizabeth II bought Gatcombe Park for her daughter in 1976, and the Gloucestershire Palace includes 700 acres and is located near Highgrove The country home of her older brother, Anne, 72, has long been described as the most hard-working owner, and is believed to have owned an extensive jewelry collection..

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

The newspaper reported that Prince Andrew, 62, the second son of the Queen, is believed to have a fortune of less than $ 8 million, and earlier this year, Prince Andrew settled a civil sexual assault case brought against him by Virginia Joffrey, in the United States, For $10 million, while he receives an annual pension from the Royal Navy, he no longer gets the $270,000 a year stipend he earned to run his royal office, but Andrew is reported to have inherited large sums of family money over the years.


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