6 “Red Flags” in friendship relations.. Lack of trust and constant preoccupation with you, the most prominent of which are

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It is important that friendship relationships include honesty, honesty, standing next to friends in times of distress, and other duties that a friend follows towards his friend, but some friends do not prefer to keep their friendship and advise separation from them, and these are the types of toxic people we review in this report, who treat you in a way that is like ” Red Flag “You should pay attention to him and know that you need to reconsider this friendship, according to the site”mensxp“.

Red Flags in Friendship

Busy with you all the time

It’s best to end the friendship with people who don’t have time for you, and they always pretend to be busy in different things and are interested in people other than you, these are not serious friends.

worst kind of friends

They never plan to meet you

He prefers to separate from those who never start making plans with you, don’t suggest ideas for outings or take different trips, and don’t ask when you’re away.

They deal with you according to their desires

You should stay away from those who deal with you according to their whims, sometimes close to you and at other times they stay away from you, hurt you and wait for you to forgive them every time.

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They will not be with you in times of distress

It’s best to stay away from those who flock to you when you’re at your best and ignore you when you’re at your worst.

They lower your self-confidence

You should stay away from those who make you feel lack of self-confidence, and always make fun of you and criticize you from time to time without regard to your feelings.


They don’t trust you

Stay away from those who do not trust you even after many years of your devotion to them, because if they do not trust you after such a long period they will probably never trust you, and therefore those you do not trust will not be able to be yourself with them.


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