4 ways to welcome a calm and clean autumn without dust

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Preparing for the fall is a very important thing, it is not only changing clothes, or changing mattresses and curtains only, but there are a lot of changes that must be changed in the house, especially if there are children in the house, because it is the beginning or preparation for the winter season in which some respiratory diseases abound. And the appearance of dust noticeably in the corners of your home despite the continuous cleaning, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the steps that you must take to prepare for the fall season, according to the website “housebeautiful” As follows:

Deep cleaning the house

Fall is the perfect time for a deep clean, to get rid of dust in window runners, outside windows, and dust in often forgotten areas like lamp shades, tops of cabinets and shelves. Start in the living room and work your way around the house. Once you start in the kitchen, do not forget to clean the refrigerator, especially the door skins, and cover the window if it is a wooden blind with tarpaulin to avoid the entry of autumn dust.

Cleaning skylights and side balconies

If your house has what is called a skylight or a place to store old furniture and others, or neglected and unused side balconies, dust and rubbish may accumulate in it all the time, and this is what causes a little autumn air to dislodge this dust, loosening it in the house and causing negative effects for some members of the family, especially children, so they should be cleaned well.

Remove clutter and simplify your living space

Donate unwanted furniture, household items, damaged electrical items that you no longer use, as well as clothes and shoes to charity, and make a good evacuation of your kitchen cabinets, you should end up with an orderly and clean home, giving you more space to enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere that the season brings The autumn.

Change of covers and new bedding

Opt for soft fall-themed upholstery or brighter colors to offset the coziness of the exterior, and instead of buying new pillows, just buy some cushion covers so you can easily change the look for very little cost, one of the quickest ways to create that warm and cozy feeling we crave It all comes together during the colder months, is adding layers of soft furnishings to our homes.

Autumn welcome

Getting ready for fall
Getting ready for fall



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