4 gemstones suitable for engagement .. the cheapest of which is agate

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Many girls dream of wearing a ring containing a valuable gemstone, during their engagement ceremony, especially if it is presented to them by their expected life partner, but with the high prices of gemstones globally and their scarcity, this dream may collapse, but did you know that there are valuable gemstones within reach The hand weighs about three carats at least, in addition to that it is a very solid and durable stone of great value and ideal for presenting it as an engagement ring. gemsociety” As follows:


Peridot is similar to emerald, but is characterized by its light colour. A precious stone, but its price is 40% less than the price of diamonds.


morganite stone

Named after the American J.P. Morgan, this gemstone was discovered in 1910 and has become a highly sought-after engagement ring stone due to its somewhat low price.

morganite stone
morganite stone

topaz stone

It is the lucky stone for November born, it is characterized as a blue or yellow gem, only few know that it also comes in green, orange, red, pink and even purple, most blue topaz on the market is actually a colorless heat treated topaz.

topaz stone
topaz stone


It is a lucky stone for those born in January. It has many colors, but the most famous is brownish-red, followed by green and orange. Red-brown garnet is the most common and affordable type of garnet and has been used in jewelry since 3000 BC. The ancient Greeks believed that it resembled seeds Pomegranate Friends and lovers often exchange agate as symbols of love, reunion, and inseparability.

agate stone
agate stone


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