4 food-loving towers and raise the slogan “bite my heart and do not bite my loaf” .. the lion and the most prominent bull

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Some people forget in front of delicious food all the rules and laws, and they cannot resist food and also cannot resist asking for more no matter what it costs them, and “The Seventh Day” reviews a group of horoscopes that love eating and cannot give it up, according to the websitepinkvililla” As follows:


Leo people prefer food to anything, they can eat any kind of food and they always make friends with people who are just as into food as they do, moreover, they never believe in wasting food and will sit at the table until it’s all over and eat every bite even if their stomachs are full.


People of this sign love food and eat super fast, you can’t get a single spoonful of their plate because they don’t like to share their food at all, they often don’t ask to go out with their friends so that no one can ask them to share their food.


Although Taurus pleases people and can never say no to anyone, Taurus are helpless when it comes to food, they like nothing more than their food and enjoy their big meal with big smiles, they will never leave a single thing on their plate, And if you’re out for a walk with a Taurus, expect to eat food in just a few minutes.


Gemini eats their food with great focus, and if you think you can have a great conversation with them during meals, you will be disappointed that he is so focused on what he is eating, he enjoys every bite with utmost calmness without even uttering a word.

horoscopes and food

eat the food
eat the food

useful food
useful food


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