3 areas of the body that must be washed every day .. even if you do not take a shower

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Washing your entire body regularly is a good idea, however, excessive showering can do more harm than good, especially if you have a skin condition and your doctor has advised you to shower less. You only need to wash three parts of your body with soap a day, and the rest of the body, a little water may It helps to clean it well, if you scrub your entire body with soap regularly, you are at risk of destroying the beneficial bacteria that help protect your skin, so the seventh day reviews some areas of the body that should be washed with soap daily, according to the website “Brightside” As follows:

underarm area

It is necessary to maintain thorough hygiene in the armpit area, to get rid of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor, and to avoid darkening of that area.

area between the thighs

Cleaning the groin area with alcohol-free soap is an easy way to make sure that this area is clean and not exposed to exfoliation, or infected with moldy bacteria, which leads to the darkening of this area.


Washing your feet is an important part of a dermatologist-recommended 3-step bathing routine, as dirt builds up on your feet if you’re barefoot and moisture builds up in which bacteria thrive if you wear socks or shoes.



body cleaning
body cleaning


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