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Rice prices rise 30% for these reasons

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publish date 2022-09-19 08:31:53

The Compass – Traders and importers of foodstuffs affirmed that rice prices are still stable at an increase globally, pointing out that the decline in purchasing power prevented their increase locally.

They pointed out that the decline in purchasing power prevented a reflection of the rise in rice prices in the local market, noting that rice rose globally by about 20 to 30 percent in the past two months, depending on the type.

Trader Mustafa Kharfan confirmed that the prices of rice of all kinds witnessed a remarkable increase in their prices globally, explaining that rice rose by 20-30 percent about two months ago.

Kharfan attributed the rise in rice prices because the next two months are the rice production season in some countries, in addition to India’s ban on the export of rice.

Kharfan indicated that food prices globally are almost stable, with the exception of rice, which has witnessed significant increases in its prices during the last period.

Trader Saqr Kharfan agreed with Mustafa’s opinion about the fact that rice prices have witnessed a remarkable increase in world prices, explaining that the price of rice has risen by about 20-30 percent on average over the past two months.

And Saqr indicated that the food sector is witnessing a noticeable decline in demand in general during the current period, indicating that the demand for foodstuffs is limited to some basic materials and in limited proportions.

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