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If the Child Law violates the true Sharia, I will raise the voice loudly because it is not approved

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publish date 2022-09-19 12:29:54

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Representative Saleh Al-Armouti said that we are keen on the provisions of the true Sharia, and if I thought that the Child Rights Law violates Sharia, I would raise the voice by not approving the law.

And the deputy considered during Monday’s session that “those who point out in videos and try to demonize the law should read the law before it judges,” noting that “international conventions would refine the incoming texts.”

He added, “We firmly believe that the law provided the Jordanian society with what preserves the family and society in line with the provisions of the noble Sharia and with our customs and traditions, and no party may demonize this law.”

And he indicated that the phrase “best interest” mentioned should be adapted and restricted, and not applied, as received by the United Nations.

He demanded the addition of a phrase according to what the competent courts decide on personal status after the phrase “the best interest,” while he demanded that the phrase “alternative care” be deleted from the text of the law, as it is included among the articles violating Islamic law that Jordan preserves in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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