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Dangerous warning for e-cigarette users

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publish date 2022-09-19 15:09:38

Dr. Muhammad Hassan Al-Tarawneh, a consultant in chest, respiratory and critical care diseases, revealed a new medical term circulating around the world called lung diseases associated with vaping, saying that this term was published by the World Health Organization in its annual report on the global tobacco epidemic.

Al-Tarawneh said that the World Health Organization in 2007 developed an agreement and strategy for tobacco control around the world, and according to the figures that the organization has, there are one billion people around the world classified as smokers, and out of every billion people, there are (8) million people who die as a result of smoking, including one million people They die as a result of passive smoking, that is, they are not smokers, but are affected by the smoking of people in the environment around them.

He added: “As for the strategy set by the World Health Organization, it was to refuse smokers and use tobacco and provide assistance to quit smoking, and warn about the harms of tobacco and the provisions of the Convention on the Banning of Publication, Advertising and Promotion of Tobacco Products, and imposing restrictions and taxes on tobacco products, and because of these provisions that I set The organization has decreased levels of smoking four times, so companies have promoted a new type of smoking, which is electronic cigarettes, and this type of electronic cigarettes has been used among people with flavors as helping to quit smoking, which is a misinformation.

And he indicated that the US Food and Drug Administration considered these products to help quit smoking, and they were completely rejected because they contain nicotine and cause addiction to it, and the volatile gases and vapors from them as a result of the combustion process lead to damage to the lung, respiratory system and heart, and cause premature birth when Pregnant women and a decrease in the weight of the fetus, indicating that the danger lies in these cigarettes that they have been circulated and used for children, adolescents and younger age groups, which causes health damage and increases their susceptibility to smoking regular cigarettes in the future, and this has led to an increase in the financial cost of treating diseases caused by smoking, And in a way that affects the state budget.

He said that Jordan is one of the countries that agreed to the agreement, and it banned smoking in public places and means of transportation, banned publication and advertising, raised taxes on cigarettes, and established centers to help quit smoking, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

He pointed to a study by Boston University saying that smoking electronic cigarettes after the heating process and the burning of the rising fumes leads to damage to the immune cells inside the lung, and increases the possibility of infection with the Corona virus and viral infections in general, and a study also indicates that the possibility of asthma and pulmonary embolism increases as a result of smoking electronic cigarettes .

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