Two-week-old American baby owns a $3 million yacht and designer clothes

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An American father gifted a wardrobe full of celebrity designer labels and a luxury yacht to his newborn baby, as Barry Drewitt Barlow, 52, welcomed his son, Romeo Tarquin, on August 12, and since then, a barrage of gifts has followed at staggering costs, according to the New York Post. .

Druitt Barlow said: “We just spent $2.8 million on a yacht for Romeo and named it after him. It is currently in Miami where my eldest daughter, Saffron, is currently boarding it with her new boyfriend and heading to Cuba and the surrounding islands for two weeks..”

“We want to give him the same start in life as the other kids, so we’ve set up a trust fund for him, obviously going to be creating a nice set of things for him over the next few years.”

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They “literally bought clothes from every designer imaginable for little Romeo,” Drewitt Barlow said, adding: “Berber, Versace, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, if a designer sells children’s clothing, we’ve snapped it up.”

“The two-year-old Valentina is in no way jealous of her little brother and has received a lot of gifts,” he said. “She has a personal chef, a full playroom full of the latest gadgets and toys, a full-time nanny and a team of housekeepers,” he said. who take care of all her needs, including a full-time stylist who does her hair every day.”


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