Service and Shusha: “I moved away from my father, and God compensated me, but I miss my mother”

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From the heart of suffering that exceeds her 22 years of age, she wrote: “I am alone, my mother and father. Unfortunately, my father is a very difficult person and his age was not longing for me, and I was 19 years old. We suffocated, so I stayed home and went to one who is considered a friend of the family. Unfortunately, she had an older son. From me and an addict, and he assaulted me, because unfortunately, when I was in my family’s house, I could not go out without understanding people at all and deal in good faith with everyone. The days passed and my father arrived at my place and returned me.

With time, every time a groom proposes to me, he rejects him and hurts me with words. My mother is helpless with him because he beats her when she defends me, and she is also ill. After a while, he started harassing me without her knowledge, and when I refused, he hit my mother to hurt me, so I left the house and the whole governorate, and I started working and relying on myself. I faced many cheats, but God compensated me with someone who loves me very much, and I loved him too. I told him that I had problems with my father and did not talk to him and he believed me, and he stuck to me despite the objection of his family and my sermon and we wrote the book two months ago, but I never told him the details of what happened with my father. It hurts me now that my mother despised me. I hope to reassure her, but I am afraid my father will reach me and know the truth about my husband, and I will lose him. I do not know what to do?”.


Dear reader, as much as we are saddened by your lack of bond, safety and protection from the father who is supposed to be the most important source for them, as much as we are proud of your courage and success in getting away from this afflicted atmosphere, and our happiness that you have sought God’s compensation and have been blessed with a husband who will compensate you for your early suffering. Dr. Eman Abdullah, a consultant in psychology and family therapy, tells you that your problem is very heartbreaking because you miss your father despite his presence, and what is most painful is that he not only failed in his role as a support for you and a source of your safety, but rather turned into a monster that devours you.

He is of course abnormal and may be under the influence of addiction, and whatever the reason, you are a hero and the decision you made to get out of this hell is a very right decision, you should not hesitate in it and do not feel guilty because you walked away, this father is a time bomb and you have no other solution. I understand your fear for your mother and your lack of it, especially at this stage and preparation for marriage and the stage where every girl needs her mother by her side, but unfortunately you should never go back before you complete your marriage and settle down.

It is not preferable for your mother to tell your whereabouts or your willingness to marry, because she may tell him that and slip her tongue with the news or hit her so that he knows where you are and insists on reaching you and ruining your life. You can check on her through a trusted messenger who reassures her of you so that her heart does not remain frightened of fear for you, but he does not tell her where you are.

And through the mediator, you can set an appointment to meet her far from your home and away from her home, so that you can see her without being hurt, and remember that your safety is a priority even for your mother, and that she is able to adapt and coexist, but the harm that you may be exposed to is worse.

As for your husband, your relationship with him is strong, and remember that you were not responsible for what happened to you in your father’s house, so you do not feel guilty or that you have committed a mistake.

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