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International pop star Madonna appeared in a similar look with her daughter “Lourdes” during their presence at Tom Ford’s fashion show, at New York Fashion Week.

Madonna and her daughter, their identical appearance, came wearing an all-black look from Tom Ford, and they adopted black and white nail polish, while Madonna completed her look with huge glasses worth 495 dollars, and Madonna’s son, Rocco, accompanied them, according to the British Daily Mail.

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes

And Madonna’s appearance with her children was not the first in New York Fashion Week, as she appeared before at the LaQueen Smith party, which was after the end of the fashion show, and Madonna appeared with rapper Toxasha, with whom she collaborated in a new remix of her song. hung up.

Madonna at New York Fashion Week
Madonna at New York Fashion Week

In another context, it is noteworthy that Ella Imhoff, daughter of Kamala Harris’s husband, US Vice President Joe Biden, appeared for the second time with strange looks during her participation as a model at New York Fashion Week, and Ella, the daughter of Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Imhoff, from his first wife, wore a balaclava dress. Green from head to toe during a fashion show Maisie Willenaccording to the New York Post.

The look did not reveal, except for Ella’s face, as she was wearing identical gloves, socks and a headdress in the fashion show, and distinguished designs Maisie Willen Spring/Summer 2023 using special effects techniques used in the film industry to show how fashion can evolve in a digital world.


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