Etiquette of riding metro cars.. Hygiene is basic and snacks and mobiles are allowed within limits

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Going to the subway is one of our daily routines, whether our day includes going to work, universities, and other places that we can visit daily, because it is an easy and fast means of transportation, and is also characterized as being low in price, and so we see many of all age groups prefer spending Their trips are on his way, so the seventh day, with etiquette and human relations expert Hala Al-Azab, reviews the etiquette of riding metro cars so that we don’t bother anyone.

Parking etiquette

No waste, food wrappers or paper napkins should be thrown, and children should not use escalators for play or entertainment. It is important for women to stand at a distance from the metro platform, and it is preferable that women commit to standing in the area designated for women and men as well, and attention to the application of the instructions and regulations attached On the station wall.

Etiquette of dealing inside the metro

It is necessary to pay attention to the timing of opening and closing the door. It is not correct to scramble when entering or leaving the metro car. The metro only runs when the doors of all cars are closed, so it is not correct for young people to insist on opening the doors with their bodies as a kind of joke.

It is not acceptable to open the windows while the vehicle’s air conditioner is operating, or to tamper with the warning places except in extreme cases.

Mobile etiquette inside metro cars

It is not valid to use the mobile inside the metro car except in extreme circumstances, provided that the speaker lowers his voice when speaking, and does not enter into the details of family or some friends, and work to end the call as soon as possible and in an elegant manner.

Etiquette for side conversations between friends

It is not correct to interfere in the dialogue from any stranger, and it is not correct to give your opinion on any of these dialogues that do not concern you.

private seats

It is preferable out of great respect that we abide by the fact that the seats inside the metro car are reserved for the elderly, people with special needs, patients, pregnant women and children.

It is also preferable for women to ride in the carts designated for them in order to avoid any negative events, and also attention to personal hygiene is imperative due to the large presence of many people in the cart.


Light foods and drinks can be eaten, it must be emphasized that they are free of loud odors or make repulsive noises when eating, and make sure to keep the wrappers and the rest of the foods in a small bag until they are thrown in the garbage bin.

subway etiquette

metro etiquette

metro etiquette rules
metro etiquette rules


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