Common mistakes when storing eggs that speed up spoilage.. you need to take care of them

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Certainly, eggs are used in many meals, and everyone uses them in breakfast in the morning, so no house is without a number of eggs that are kept for daily consumption, but eggs need special care when stored, as they cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, and must be dealt with. In particular, there are some mistakes that are made when handling or storing eggs, according to the website.realsimple“.

Not buying properly stored eggs

When going to buy eggs, make sure that the eggs are properly cooled in the store, and the eggs are kept in the refrigerated part, because any bacteria present in the eggs can spread quickly, at room temperature, and the possibility of their reproduction may be reduced if the weather is cold, and the eggs must be Eggs have a clean, non-cracked shell, and you can look for a sealed package.

Do not refrigerate eggs when you get home

When buying eggs, you should immediately put them in the refrigerator to cool them, to avoid high temperatures, because there are risks about salmonella, a bacteria found in eggs, which may cause diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramping.

Not setting the refrigerator to an appropriate temperature

Eggs do not need to be placed in the refrigerator only, but must be cooled at an appropriate and correct temperature, and the refrigerator must be set at a temperature of at least 40 degrees, and the eggs should be kept in the carton, and they should not be placed in the refrigerator door, which tends to be warm.

egg wash

Washing eggs is not necessary, and makes them less safe, because it may increase the risk of contamination, because when washing eggs, the substance is absorbed into the egg through the openings of the shell, and there is no reason to wash the eggs, because the egg has a protective layer from the outside. Any dirt seeps inside.

Using broken eggs

Bacteria can enter the eggs through cracks in the shell, and you should not buy broken eggs, even if the break is small, but if one or two eggs are broken, you can salvage what is inside and break the eggs and put them in a clean container and cover tightly, put in the refrigerator and be used within two days.


stored eggs
stored eggs

egg storage
egg storage


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