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The late Queen Elizabeth II loved elegance and distinction by choosing colorful and cheerful clothes, luxurious hats and even diamond jewelry that was distinguished by her possession, such as the wide diamond bracelet she received from her lover Prince Philip, who died in 2021 as a wedding gift, and there are historical and impressive jewels in her collection. .

It is known that Queen Elizabeth II loved jewelry and flaunted it, with the official crown treasury during a rare interview that covered her jewelry in the BBC documentary The Coronation, and she was passionate about her jewelry and she said: “The more jewels, the better,” but She preferred some pieces rather than others to wear them on different occasions, which we will review in the next report, according to the “naturaldiamonds” website.

Queen Mary’s Girls Crown

The Queen Mary’s Girls tiara was given by British jeweler Garrard to Queen Mary, when she was a princess, in 1893 as a wedding gift from a group called the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland.

Queen Mary gave the tiara to Elizabeth as a wedding gift in 1947, and Queen Elizabeth II wore the tiara for the first time in an official portrait of her as the Queen taken in 1952, and she is also depicted wearing it on some British coins and banknotes.

Queen Elizabeth II wore the Queen Mary’s Girls tiara

Queen Elizabeth’s wreath necklace

Queen Elizabeth II has been on lavish occasions pairing the Queen Mary’s Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara with a Festoon necklace, the gem is made of 105 gems from the Crown Collection, the rest of the gems in the gem are believed to have been provided by Garrard, and features gold-backed pieces, dating back to the Georgian era The jewel looks like a masterpiece.


With President George W. Bush, she wore a wreath necklace with the girls of Great Britain, and a brooch
With President George W. Bush, she wore a wreath necklace with the girls of Great Britain, and a brooch

lovers knot brooch

The Queen had at least six bow brooches and this design was dominant in the Queen’s collection, but most are not as noticeable as the Queen’s knot brooch. Several important occasions, such as the royal weddings of Princess Margaret in 1960 and Prince William in 2011.

wears a brooch
wears a brooch

Williamson pink diamond brooch

The Queen received a 54.5-carat rough pink diamond, in 1947 as a wedding gift, from Canadian geologist Dr. John Thorburn Williamson, a scientist who owned a ore mine in Tanzania that had been discovered, and it took two months for goldsmiths in London to cut the stone into a round diamond.

The gem is set in a white diamond flower brooch designed by Frederic Mew of Cartier in London in 1953, and the Queen has worn the brooches on many occasions such as Prince Charles and Diana Spencer’s wedding in 1981, and her silver jubilee in 1977.

Queen Williamson's diamond brooch
Queen Williamson’s diamond brooch

silver brooch
silver brooch

Fifth Cullinan Brooch

The 3,106-carat Cullinan rough diamond was discovered in South Africa and was the largest gem ever mined. It was named after head miner Thomas Cullinan. It was gifted to the British King Edward VII in 1907. The diamond was cut by the King Joseph Asher, and it produced eight stones, and Cullinan III and IV had it set in the brooch.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Cullinan brooch
Cullinan brooch


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