5 ways to encourage your child to love school.. “Gradually get him to separate from you”

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With the beginning of school, parents become in a state of pressure and tension, especially when one of the children does not want to go to school. Study and learn. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews with Reham Abdel Rahman, a psychological researcher and family relations expert, the most important tips that help encourage children to go to school.

Tips for pre-school students

positive talk

It is one of the important steps that the family should take before starting the study to talk with the child about how he feels about the study, and it is possible to take the child on a tour of the school to break the barrier of fear and dread and provide him with psychological support.

Gradually train him

As in the first days of school, the child is suddenly separated from home; What causes him to have the so-called separation anxiety disorder as a result of separation from his familiar home environment, so he resorts to isolation and lack of adaptation with those around him and failure to make friends with other children, and here it is possible to accompany the children during the first week of study and then withdraw gradually until they get used to facing The situation themselves, it is also possible to leave a toy in the child’s bag so that he feels that it is part of his home and thus there is something familiar to him that reminds him of the atmosphere of the family and home.

Activities and skills

The presence of activities and skills within the school encourages the child and makes him psychologically attached to it. Among the skills that endear the child to school and through which talents are discovered, the school theater through which the texts are represented to link the child to the school, as well as scientific activities that develop the talents of discovery and research.. The child is psychologically linked What he loves and makes him realize his self-worth and discover his talents.

Connect what the student learns to reality

When learning is combined with reality, the student’s ability to remember information and not forget it increases; This is done through field visits to museums and places of scientific research on a weekly basis, which instills the love of science and belonging in the hearts of our children..

Education before education

Science requires providing the student with the skills and sciences that enable him to obtain a certificate proving his superiority, but the most important thing than the certificate is to take care of the child’s psyche, avoid violence and constant criticism, and compare him with his colleagues; This role the family will not be able to play alone, but the school and the teacher have a great role in containing the child’s psyche and encouraging him to go to school.

How do I help my child love school
How do I help my child love school
Psychological readiness for school
Psychological readiness for school


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