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What did the Speaker of the Senate request from the “Secretariat” about the Al-Weibdeh building?

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publish date 2022-09-18 13:45:55

The head of the Senate, Faisal Al-Fayez, demanded to find out the causes of the collapse of the Jabal Al-Lubeida building and to hold the responsible parties to account.
Al-Fayez called in a statement today, Sunday, the Amman Municipality and the concerned authorities in all governorates to form specialized committees from the public and private sectors to determine the safety of the old buildings and to address any imbalances in them.
He also called for strictness in granting building permits, stopping abuses, and not granting building permits except in the presence of an engineering supervision office that is responsible for the construction process and in accordance with the necessary specifications and conditions, which guarantee the safety of implementation and take into account natural and climatic changes.

And he said, those who died in the Al-Amarah incident are the martyrs of a homeland, praying to the Almighty God to bless them with his vast mercy and inspire their families and loved ones patience and solace, and to grant a speedy recovery to the injured.

On the other hand, the Speaker of the Senate expressed his appreciation for the great efforts made by the civil defense, public security and gendarmerie cadres over several days, during which they continued day and night during the events that accompanied the collapse of the Weibdeh building, as a result of which a number of citizens died and others were injured.

Al-Fayez added, during his visit to the Public Security Directorate today, Sunday, and his meeting with its director, Major General Obaidullah Al-Maaytah, that our security services, in their various formations, and our armed forces always prove that they are up to national responsibility, and they are always the shield of the nation and its impenetrable fence.

During his visit, Al-Fayez was briefed on the details related to the collapse incident and the great efforts made by the Public Security and Civil Defense to reduce as much as possible the human losses as a result of the accident.

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