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The Contractors Syndicate stresses the need to intensify control over existing buildings

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publish date 2022-09-18 20:09:24

The head of the Contractors Syndicate, Engineer Ayman Al-Khudairi, confirmed the work to implement Article 8 of the Syndicate Law and activate the regulation of work in the private sector, which the Syndicate worked on, by increasing penalties and taking many measures.
Al-Khudairi said that the implementation of Article 8 of the law will be with the support of the responsible authorities, which will work to control the scene, achieve public safety and contribute to solving the problem of unemployment in the contracting sector.
He added, during his meeting with the Governor of Balqa, Dr. Firas Abu Qaoud, and the mayor of Greater Salt, Engineer Muhammad Al-Hiyari, and a number of governorate officials, that the Council of Contractors Syndicate took upon itself decisions that were not popular, but their title was the right work and in the appropriate ways to serve the public interest.
He pointed out that the council worked to coordinate the effort with the internal and external work of the union, and to control the reality of the situation as much as possible without harming the holders of acquired rights, and to work for the contractors union to play its role in supporting the Jordanian economy.
He stressed that smart governments in various countries of the world seek to solve their economic problems by injecting liquidity into the contracting sector due to its importance in moving the wheel of the economy and employing manpower.
The head of the Contractors Syndicate stressed the necessity of cooperation of government agencies, especially municipalities and licensing agencies, to abide by the application of Article (8) and Article (16) of the Construction Contractors Law and its amendments, and what was stated in the instructions of the regulation regulating contracting work in the private sector, noting that the government’s interest in the current stage and in light of Difficult economic conditions, focusing on increasing work in the construction sector, as it will have positive effects in raising the growth rate and moving the wheel of the economy in full.
In turn, Governor Abu Qaoud confirmed that Balqa Governorate supports the organization of work in the private sector, instructing all municipalities in the governorate to abide by the laws, regulations, and instructions that govern contracting work.
Abu Qaoud welcomed the work and partnership with the Contractors Syndicate to contribute to controlling the sector.
He instructed all mayors, all government institutions and administrative rulers in the governorate to commit to implementing and implementing the Contractors Syndicate Law for the benefit of all, adding, “All officials must assume their moral and legal responsibilities and take the right decision without favoring anyone at the expense of the law.”
For his part, the union’s secretary, Engineer Abdul Hakim Al Bustanji, stated that the application of Article 8 of the law obliges the contractor to guarantee the safety of the facility for a period of 10 years through the ten-year guarantee imposed by the civil law.

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