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Learn about 6 tourist destinations in Jordan that tempt travel and adventure (photos)

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publish date 2022-09-18 08:27:52

The Compass – The French “Geo” website published a report that included the most beautiful natural areas in Jordan that tempt adventure and travel there, noting that most of the sites in the country seem submerged, but in fact they are “charming pearls” and are unique, and a very popular destination for tourism, excursions and accommodation.

The French site, which specializes in nature, tourism and archaeological sites, described Jordan as the “holy land”, and that beyond the legendary cities of Petra and Wadi Rum, for example, the best adventure destination for lovers of exploration activities and tourist trips.

According to Geo, Jordan bears the depth of the traces of civilizations that have crossed its history, as many dream of exploring the ancient Nabatean city of Petra or exploring the picturesque red desert that served as a filming location for the sand dunes.

Throughout the year, Jordan appears to be a particularly pleasant tourist destination in the fall and spring, when temperatures are more temperate and nature is bursting with colour, but six unforgettable adventures when visiting Jordan are listed in the report.

1 Pedestrian corridor from north to south

It is a very long path that extends over a distance of 675 kilometers, and adventure and sports enthusiasts generally like to pass through it for varying distances, whether by bike or on foot.

This corridor crosses the entire country from the green Umm Qais in the north, to Aqaba in the south, and crosses 75 Jordanian cities step by step.

Amidst the landscape, the passers-by meet the inhabitants of that land.


2 Petra Mountains

They are magical and picturesque heights at any time of the day, but perhaps more specifically at the end of the day, just before sunset, the facade of the Petra Mountains is revealed after a one kilometer walk in the Siq Valley, a narrow valley cut into the pink rocks.

The expansive site is a delight for hikers who can sometimes follow steep paths to reach the top of the cliff opposite the monument, set out to explore the Tombs of the Kings and Street of Facades, or climb the mountains to Deir Somaa on challenging but fun and scenic adventures.


3 Petra.. an underwater paradise

The Jordanian city of Petra, which is deeply rooted in history, is not only available on the mountains, but also on the coasts and marine tourist areas. Divers find their way to discover the coral reefs of the Red Sea, in the protected waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, and discover an incredible wealth of the seabed, which is among the The most beautiful places in the world.

Exploration on islands of dense coral reefs amidst fish of all colors and types: boxfish, clowns, lionfish, as well as algae, sea anemones, and amazing mollusks The most experienced and professional scuba divers can enjoy even deeper and more impressive things, such as shipwrecks sunken during wars And bygone times, planes, etc.


4 Coral reefs of the Red Sea

It is often referred to as the Red Planet.. The stunning desert of Wadi Rum has served as the setting for many films such as Sand Dunes, and also the Star Wars IX tape.

There are abundant compact or carved vertical rocks, vertical rocks, and red sand dunes emerge against the blue sky so that the scene there is encouraging to make a thousand ways to discover it either on foot, or on camel back, or on horseback, or in a four-wheel drive vehicle, or From the heights of the sky, on a light balloon or in a small helicopter.

Visitors to the Wadi Rum area can share a night with a Bedouin family over cardamom coffee or tea or a traditional dinner around a campfire.


5. Wadi Mujib: kayaking under the stars

Wadi Mujib, a 70-kilometre-long river that flows into the Dead Sea, provides a great place for a kayaking trip. It is a matter of exploring the rapids that drop a few dozen meters to reach a magnificent waterfall, where visitors either enjoy a walk and abseil or a mud bath followed by a short bath. in the Dead Sea.


6- The fun of sharing local food in Wadi Mujib

During your stay with the locals, you can learn to cook delicious and wonderful local Jordanian dishes: mansaf, lamb with rice that is a festive dish, or a spicy sauce (based on tomatoes, garlic, onions and chicken), or savory beans (white beans in a sauce), without ever Forget other delicious and special foods like hummus, mutabal, tabbouleh or dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and they are eaten with pita bread and always with tea.

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