The most rare gemstones around the world..one of them forms once every 30 years

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Gemstones are a natural product of rock pressure with high or low temperatures, which results in different types depending on the environment in which they are located. Types of these stones are used as a symbol of the status of wealth, power or an aura, and like what is available from many gemstones used in all countries, there are also rare stones due to their lack of availability and easy discovery, gemstones can be precious but not rare, and vice versa, so reviews “The Seventh Day” is a group of rare gemstones in the world, according to the “Seventh Day” website.tanzanite experience ” As follows:

Poudretteite stone:

This stone was discovered in Mont Saint Helier, Canada, in the sixties of the last century, and it is a very rare stone where it is difficult to find pure gemstones, weighing more than a carat, and a piece was discovered in 2000, in Burma, the first documented sample of the quality of this stone The 9.41-carat gem from Burma is the largest pudrite in existence, and was gifted by Frances Miller to the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection in 2007.

podrite stone


This stone was discovered in 1967, when a group of stone lovers found a group of intense violet and blue crystal, in the Merilani hills near Arusha in northern Tanzania. New that no one else had, presented and studied and confirmed that it is mined or born every 20 to 30 years in this environment.




It is a rare blue to purple gemstone discovered in 1907 in the San Benito Mountains, California. The University of California in 1909, tests confirmed that it was an unknown mineral, then it got its name from the Benito Mountains, and the mine was closed in 2006, which made the benitoite stone even rarer.



This rare gemstone got its name from the French explorer Alfred Grandider, who studied the natural history of Madagascar. The stone was discovered in 1902 in southern Madagascar. From recent excavations, granidyrite gemstones are often translucent, with blue and green gemstones difficult to see.



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