Schools are on the way.. Ideas to improve the lighting of the study room or office

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Many families are preparing during this period to receive the new school year, by purchasing stationery, clothes, etc., as well as paying attention to the office room in which the student studies his various lessons, but some students may suffer from the problem of dim lighting, which makes him unable to study his lessons, and to achieve this must Attention to lighting the office room by following the ideas we review in this report, according to the website “pinkvililla“.

Ideas to improve the lighting of the office room

Paint the room in light colors

Dark-colored wallpaper that causes the room to look dark as well as dark paint colors should be removed, and changed by painting the room with light colors that make the room look light, such as white, pink and other light colors.


adjustable table lamp

The table lamp helps to illuminate the office and see the smallest details, and not to strain the eyes, so it is recommended to prepare adjustable desk lamps to help illuminate the office sufficiently to help the student to study.

other office
other office

Increase room window size

If the windows are small, they should be expanded more, as this helps to light the room, and increases the air quality inside, which helps reduce eye strain, and helps the student more to focus while studying, and at the same time helps the electricity bill.

office room
office room

Adjust computer screen mode

The monitor or laptop should be placed near a window if possible because sunlight is the best source of light. Placing a screen parallel to the window, not in front of it, helps to see the screen clearer, protects the eyes and relieves them from strain.



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