It will make you eat a lot and feel stressed.. Studies reveal 6 damages to “carrabee” inside the house

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Some may be lazy about arranging some rooms inside the house, which over time causes chaos consisting of objects and decorative pieces lying on each side inside the rooms, which causes some of the damages that we review in this report, according to the website. thehealthsite“.

Disorders of chaos inside the house

feeling confused

The report indicated that clutter can negatively affect the mental state, increasing the feeling of confusion, so it is recommended to clean the house, arrange things, fold sheets and wash dishes to eliminate confusion and the ability to control and discipline.

Chaos damage

feeling nervous

The chaos inside the rooms is causing a lot of tension to see dirty clothes on the sofa, papers scattered around the room and coffee spilled on the table.

accidents occur

A messy home increases the chances of accidents, such as trips and falls, causing injuries.


A 2017 study conducted jointly by America and Australia confirmed that people tend to overeat when they live in crowded surroundings, according to research, which was conducted in a chaotic kitchen where workers were offered a batch of sweets to eat immediately, unlike what happened in an organized kitchen.

clutter inside the house
clutter inside the house

destroy mental health

Living or working in an unorganized place makes a person feel tired and unhappy, according to a 2017 study on workplaces, and the study found that a chaotic environment affects mental health.

messy house
messy house

Communication complexity

A 2016 study by Cornell University indicated that people who live in a cluttered place find it difficult to communicate and express their feelings to each other, as people are distracted by random stimuli in the surrounding environment that make them unable to express their emotions and the feelings of those around them.


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