I know the dish that Queen Elizabeth II did not give up eating since her childhood

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Diversity in diets is one of the most important and most prominent habits of many, and you rarely find someone who adheres to one food unless he follows a certain diet, but Queen Elizabeth, who died a few days ago, had one meal that she did not change since she was a child, which the seventh day reviews. According to the site “rd” As follows:

What food did Queen Elizabeth eat since childhood?

Every day for more than 90 years, Queen Elizabeth II has been eating her favorite snack, jam sandwiches, as Darren McGrady, former chef at Buckingham Palace, explains on his YouTube channel. When she was a little girl, and a fan of hers ever since, she called them jam pennies because they were about 1.2 inches in size from Old English pennies.

And this meal was butter with two slices of soft white bread and one smear in strawberry jam, preferably handmade from the Scottish strawberries grown in the gardens of Balmoral Castle, in the Queen’s summer house in Scotland, and preferably at the time cut the bread in circles.

Darren McGrady, former chef at Buckingham Palace, confirmed that she would have preferred to eat that meal in the afternoon, and if she was late, due to the pressures of her work, she would postpone it to dinner..

When did this custom come about?

So when Anna Maria Russell, 7th Duchess of Bedford, a close friend of Queen Victoria, found that she needed a snack between noon lunch and dinner at 9 pm, the Duchess requested that tea, cake, bread and butter be brought into her room every day at 5 pm, and it quickly spread This custom among the upper classes, after nearly two centuries, the trend has spread to hotels and tea shops all over the world.

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