Foods Queen Elizabeth II never ate… Pasta is the most prominent

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There is no person who does not prefer one food over another, or avoids a certain type that he does not eat throughout his life, whether because it tastes bad for him, or even that he may be allergic to it, or for any other reason, and Queen Elizabeth II is like any human being there are foods, vegetables and fruits She used to avoid them or prefer them, and she also has a list of foods that she has never eaten throughout her life, so “The Seventh Day” reviews these foods according to the website “”Readers Digest” As follows:


Queen Elizabeth did not allow herself to eat starches, royal chef Darren McGrady tells RecipesPlus. He replaced pasta with a salad, or grilled fish or chicken with two pieces of vegetables on the side.

white eggs:

She preferred brown eggs over white because she thought they tasted better, according to the Guardian, and she didn’t mainly eat eggs for breakfast because jam pie was her main breakfast.

Garlic and onions:

The queen did not particularly like unpleasant odors, she did not eat anything containing a lot of garlic or onions, because it was too unpleasant for her to eat them.

Bread edges:

She preferred to cut the edges before serving her tea sandwiches, former royal chef Owen Hodgson told the newspaper The Telegraph: “The Queen liked tuna sandwiches with butter on both sides with mayonnaise, thin slices of cucumber and a little pepper. As for the edges, she offered her to the palace birds.”

Out of season fruit:

Queen Elizabeth II loved to eat fruits in season, which means if they don’t grow naturally “organic”, never touch or even look at them.

Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth's food
Queen Elizabeth’s food


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