Flowers in the life of Queen Elizabeth II.. a love that accompanied her until the last farewell

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Many people love flowers and use them to express what is inside them if they cannot say it, there are flowers that express joy, sadness, jealousy, love and serenity. From the bouquet of wedding flowers in 1947 until her death, the flowers and Queen Elizabeth II were inseparable, so “The Seventh Day” reviews flower bouquets in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, according to the website “” fleurcreatif ” As follows:

her wedding bouquet

At her wedding to Duke Philip on November 20, 1947, the first televised ceremony to be broadcast worldwide, Princess Elizabeth carried a very personal wedding bouquet that revealed much about the Queen’s personal preferences, using three types of flowers, especially the orchid, a delicate flower. Extremely rare at the time, symbolizing love, beauty and strength, as well as white Cattleya and cypripediumThis is in addition to the wonderful fragrant lily of the valley and the white flowers in reference to Australia, which was also head of state, and to the bridal bouquet of another long-serving Queen Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding

lily of the valley bouquets

Elizabeth used to carry lily-of-the-valley bouquets, so I think it was her favorite flower, a plant famous for its white bell-shaped flowers and sweet scent. The lily of the valley is believed to symbolize motherhood, purity, and good luck. Lily of the Valley Very emotional too.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

A painting of flowers with the image of the queen

Last May, another floral image was unveiled to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee with her favorite flower, the lily of the valley, a flower that symbolizes motherhood, purity and happiness. and regularly to RHS Chelsea Flower Show She has visited the gallery more than 50 times during her tenure, where she has always enjoyed looking at the gardens and talking to the exhibitors, so we are very grateful and proud that she was our ambassador.”

painting of flowers
painting of flowers

coffin flowers

When the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was moved from her place of death in Scotland to Edinburgh, a single wreath of white flowers was placed over the coffin, according to the magazine “” Hello The wreath contained dahlias, phloxes, white heather, fir, pine, and sweet peas picked from the garden of Balmoral Castle, which is the Queen’s Scottish summer residence. to him also.


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