After her death, two British and Australian girls receive the last letters in the handwriting of Queen Tire

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Nine days have passed since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, since her departure was announced last Thursday, and yet her handwritten letters are still reaching citizens inside and outside Britain, and among those fortunate in the late Queen of Britain’s response to her messages is a 9-year-old British girl. Years, who was shocked after receiving a letter of thanks from the Queen the day after her death.

Student Louis Hanson, from the West End, in Hampshire, sent a poem to Queen Elizabeth II in the summer to celebrate her platinum jubilee, and I’ve forgotten all about it since then, but after receiving a response from the late Queen, last Friday, the girl and her family realized she might have been one. One of the Queen’s last handwritten correspondence before her departure, according to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

The letter is decorated with the royal emblem

Louis Hanson carrying Queen Elizabeth's message
Louis Hanson carrying Queen Elizabeth’s message

The cream-colored envelope was placed inside the letter box of Louis Hanson, sent by Her Majesty, the day after her death at the age of 96, who thanked the British girl for her kind words, and signed the letter “Elizabeth R”, and included two pictures of the Queen next to the royal coat of arms. .

And he wrote in the Queen’s letter to the child, “Many thanks for your kind message on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the accession to the throne,” while Louis said: “She was a wonderful queen and the jubilee showed us all the wonderful things she did for us, and I wanted to do something for her,” and she added, “I was in A state of shock… I was happy that I got a card from her, but I’m sad because she died the day before.”

In turn, Lewis’s mother, Zoe Hanson, checked the postmark for the reply – which was on September 7, 2022 – the day before the Queen’s death. .

Queen Elizabeth's last handwritten letter before her death
Queen Elizabeth’s last handwritten letter before her death

British girl reading Queen Elizabeth's letter
British girl reading Queen Elizabeth’s letter

Another message from the late Queen arrives to an Australian girl

The same situation was repeated when a young girl from Regional Victoria, in Australia, received one of the last messages sent by the late Queen, and this message came in response after the child sent Her Majesty a series of wonderful pictures of herself dressed in royal garb and sitting on top of a horse saluting.

Eight-year-old Olivia Akers, who lives with her family on a dairy farm in Talegarupna, north of Victoria, received a response from the palace on Friday, the day after it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II had died peacefully at the age of 96.

Her mother, Natalie, the mastermind behind the gorgeous royal outfit, described the timing of the precious message as “too coincidental”, and she had initially planned for her daughter to wear the costume for the first time at a local horse show, but she did so in a UK-based online fancy dress competition, according to a report. British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The Australian girl carries her message to the Queen
The Australian girl carries her message to the Queen

The Australian girl holds the flag of her country on top of the dowry
The Australian girl holds the flag of her country on top of the dowry

Ms Akers decided to use the competition as inspiration for the costume show, and asked the organizers if they would take an international entrant, but Olivia’s costume, inspired by the party’s… Trooping the Color Annual, did not win the online competition.

However, Mrs. Akers decided to pass on the adorable photos to the Queen herself and included a handwritten note from her daughter. The message begins: “Dear Queen Elizabeth, my name is Olivia Akers, I am eight years old, and I live in Talegarupna, Australia.”

In her message to the Queen, the child added: “I really liked your video with Paddington Bear.. Do you really eat marmalade sandwiches? .. I have included some pictures from an online horse costume contest that was for your platinum jubilee,” she continued, “Hope you like my pictures? The side saddle came from England..my pony’s name is LADY It is an Australian foal.. How many horses do you have? I hope you have a beautiful jubilee.. I love you.. Olivia.”

Australian girl performs military salute
Australian girl performs military salute

The Australian girl with the last message from the Queen of Britain
The Australian girl with the last message from the Queen of Britain

After sending the letter, in June, Olivia waited patiently for several weeks before receiving a final reply, probably one of the last messages sent by the Queen.

The eight-year-old said she was excited to open the letter and proudly read the Queen’s reply in front of her schoolmates. Seeing the pictures I have attached in which you and your wonderful pony are depicted, in the outfit you chose for the ceremonial contest you entered.. Her Majesty was touched to know that you also enjoy horse riding, and I would like to thank you once again for thinking of writing to the Queen as you did at this time.

Baby Olivia Akers
Baby Olivia Akers


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