A man paints a tattoo of Queen Elizabeth and the Bear Paddington to honor her after her death

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The late Queen Elizabeth II and the famous Paddington bear had a very special relationship, and a deep relationship, which led someone to draw a tattoo of the Queen and the bear on his arm in honor of the Queen’s departure.

An unidentified man in Benidorm, Spain has painted tattoos of Queen Elizabeth and Paddington, in honor of the Queen, who passed away on September 8 at the age of 96 after seven decades of service in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, according to the New York Post.

the tattoo

The tattoo is a picture of a doll in a raincoat, and Queen Elizabeth in a turquoise dress, walking side by side, reading, “Well, that’s what happened, tea?” Drawn by photographer Eleanor Tomlinson.

The painter said It is very common in the industry to have requests for tattoos after the death of a known person, I usually shy away from them because I don’t like making money from other people’s misfortunes, so when I received the request, I said I wouldn’t make money from it.”

On the other hand, a number of Britons decorated their homes with flags in honor of Queen Elizabeth, while the British nation was preparing to finally bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II..

One of the Britons resorted, by covering his home with nearly 150 flags of the United Kingdom, to commemorate the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and says that he will not stop there, indicating that he will put many flags, in his home in Chelmsford, Essex, according to the British Daily Mail newspaper. .

The British newspaper, Daily Mail, published several pictures of decorating homes with flags, in preparation for the farewell of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain.


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