A former chef of the royal family reveals the forbidden meal by order of King Charles

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Darren McGrady, the former chef of the British royal family, revealed that King Charles of Britain, had banned a certain meal from being eaten and included in the menu.

The chef confirmed that Kate Middleton loves eating spicy foods such as curry and loves traditional British sweets, noting that King Charles III has a unique taste in food, according to the UAE website Al Ain.

King Charles

According to McGrady, King Charles banned palace cooks from cooking foie gras, foie gras or duck for many years, and it became a forbidden food for the royal family..

The site revealed that the method of fattening ducks or geese in order to prepare the liver of the foie gras is a harsh process, which made animal lovers repel this meal..

Fattening the animal to obtain foie gras liver can lead to injuries to the beaks and throats of birds and the difficulty of moving them, of course, due to their increased weight, all of these reasons made King Charles averse to this meal and was keen to prevent it from being cooked in the palace.


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