4 signs that are incompatible with Virgo .. Cancer does not tolerate criticism and Taurus “insults” him

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The science of horoscopes and astronomy is characterized by many subtleties that some may resort to to find out their compatibility with each other, which depends on the date of birth and the sign of each person, and even the planet that controls the movement of this sign. With horoscope expert and numerologist, Maya Nagy, some of the horoscopes that are not compatible with Virgo births and vice versa are also as follows


The expert in horoscopes and numerology said that Cancer people have a very sensitive personality, which makes them incomprehensible with Virgo, especially as it is one of the clear signs that may give criticism in a direct way that they do not tolerate at all.


As for those born under the sign of Pisces, they are, as the horoscope expert said about them, very romantic, they love with all their heart and may even give everything in their power to have a quiet and romantic time with those they love, which may disturb Virgo born who are by nature very practical and care about appreciation. The physical is more tangible than the emotion.


And the expert in horoscopes and numerology added that Taurus, who may reach a large degree of nervousness and emotion, which the Virgo does not like, who deals all the time with calm and emotional stability, so with any clash between them the discussion turns into a big battlefield.


And because the Virgo is characterized by strong criticism and clarity, he does not like for anyone to exercise these qualities on him, and among the constellations that enjoy this characteristic are those born under the sign of Sagittarius, so the Virgo is not comfortable in dealing with him, and if he has to be on a great degree of care all the time.


lack of understanding
lack of understanding

Virgo born
Virgo born


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