3D flowers and a low waist.. the most prominent 2023 trends from New York Fashion Week

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The New York Fashion Week has ended, and the major fashion brands’ shows for the spring / summer 2023 season have ended, leaving us with the features it painted for the fashion trends during the next season, which were more common and repeated in more than one fashion group, according to the website of “Marie Claire” fashion magazine. In New York, a sudden return to old fashions in a new form, in addition to many trends, the most prominent of which are:

Top fashion trends from New York Fashion Week:

1 – The return of the puffy skirts

New York Fashion Week saw a resurgence of the bubble skirts of the past, an everyday look, and back for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, they’ve been reimagined in low-waisted shades, making them beautiful and memorable.

2 – 3D Floral Patterns

Most of the year we see runway shows in the spring/summer season, floral prints are prominent, in different shapes, and for the 2023 season, floral designers have taken a step forward by swapping out 2D prints for floral designs, embellishments and making them 3D. Designers have carved flowers that stand out this season, and they put them on skirts, shirts, jackets, and even beachwear to decorate them to give them a lively look.

3 – Additional decorations

It has returned in the spring / summer 2023 season. Additions to the fashion have become more beautiful than before, such as the fringe motifs on formal clothes and these decorations are made of crystal and beads, which makes the dress undoubtedly elegant, and these additions were present in the designs of both Jonathan Simkhai and Michael Kors and Proenza Schuller, to make the dress elegant in the trend.

4 – Low Waist “Low West”

Low-waist fashion is back in many ways, including low-waisted jeans, such as cargo pants, and in the spring season, designers are redesigning the low-waist look through long skirts, and both Peter Do And the Tibi Supermodels appear on the runway in white with a low waist, and chose LaQuan Smith The low-waisted trousers appeared in bold colors of pink, green and yellow.

5 – Shiny looks

Fashion designers undoubtedly want to have a great time, and party-ready pieces were spotted all over the runway with sparkling sequins and crystal embellishments, accented by Brandon Maxwell, Tom Ford and Michael Kors, though Tom Ford’s look was a bit retro, metallic heroine. With voluminous wavy hairstyles to match the fashion.


Shiny looks
Shiny looks

bubble skirts
bubble skirts

low waist
low waist

flower discussions
flower discussions


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