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“Security” reveals what the pictures did not tell in the Al-Weibdeh incident

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publish date 2022-09-17 22:09:43

Today, Saturday, the Public Security Directorate revealed what the pictures did not tell in the Weibdeh incident.

The directorate said that during the incident, the Public Security Command established the principle of specialization, and gave the civil defense cadres confidence and great moral support, and refused to rush or pressure the working cadres, which seemed clear that they were working with knowledge and knowledge, in light of unparalleled coordination between the police public security units, The gendarmerie forces, and civil defense teams, collect information about the trapped, isolate the area, provide supplies and communications, and maintain public safety.

She added that search and rescue is a science in itself that requires skills, expertise, equipment and training, and working on the site of the collapsed building in particular required a double effort, and wisdom in making decisions, and it was not just removing rubble as some imagined, but a careful search, between the layers of cement and tons of rubble, which were penetrated With hand tools to prevent them from slipping or falling, which was a direct reason for finding the survivors.

And she continued, “During the search, the rescue team preserved the shape of the collapsed layers using reinforcement techniques, and they dug holes and tunnels inside them, and used search cameras among the rubble, then search dogs, then the rescuers passed vertically and horizontally between the cracks and holes that had been dug until they were able to find on those trapped.”

She pointed to a deep human relationship that arose between the workers at the site and the victims of the accident (the survivors, and those who died of God), where the officers and individuals knew the names and ages of the besieged, their family members, and their whereabouts before the accident, and they were saying: We approached So-and-so, and God willing, So-and-so will be alive. life, and we heard the voice of so-and-so, and so-and-so remained on this floor.

“The survivors also knew the faces and names of their rescuers and asked about them, and some insisted on returning to thank them, even if later,” according to the security.

She stressed that the media, the people, and the citizens practiced in the region the highest levels of commitment and professionalism, without any gatherings that hindered work, with the exception of some individual cases – in the first hours of the incident – which were quickly overcome.

She pointed out that the great joy that overwhelmed the rescuers when they found the little girl, Malak, after 26 hours, gave them a great positive energy.

She noted a great human story that lasted for about 6 hours, as if it was a lifetime, and the hours that it took to liberate “Hani Rostom” from the moment the rescue team arrived at him until his exit, in which Hani showed great courage, and exchanged conversations with team members who did not stop reassuring him and digging around him carefully. for fear of slipping debris.

She indicated that the team members had heard Hani calling: Oh God, it’s easy here, so they turned off all the equipment and listened to him and replied: We are the search and rescue team, we are with you, trust in God and rest assured, we will stay with you when we go out.

The directorate said: Despite all the pain inflicted on us by the loss of the victims – we ask God to have mercy on them and to inspire their families patience and solace – the Al Weibdeh incident brought together the hearts of Jordanians, sharpened their resolve and determination, and the survivors represented an icon of hope and life.

It also represented the rescuers and the teams supporting them from all units and formations as a symbol of courage, heroism and Jordanian pride, and taught us how to turn challenges into opportunities that increase our solidarity and strengthen our cohesion behind our homeland and our Hashemite leadership.

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