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Industry occupies the largest proportion of employment in the private sector

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publish date 2022-09-17 17:21:27

A study revealed that industry is the largest employer of employment in the private sector, accounting for 30% of workers in the sector.

The study conducted by the Jordan Chamber of Industry showed that the number of workers in the industrial sector grew during the last decade by 28.2 percent, from 176,000 workers in 2011 to 256 thousand workers at the end of last year.

The study showed that the distribution of employment in the sector according to gender shows that male employment accounts for 66 percent of the total sector employment, compared to 34 percent for female employment.

The food and catering industries are the highest employing male employment at 25 percent of the total male workers in the industrial sector, while the leather and textile industries are the highest employing female labor at 78 percent of the total female workers in the industrial sector.

The study confirmed the industrial sector’s ability to continue to provide more job opportunities and preserve its employment, despite the challenges and difficulties it faced during the last period, including political and economic crises at the regional and global levels.

According to the analysis of the labor-capital-density matrix and worker productivity in the study, the food and catering industries are promising, being the most influential sub-industrial sectors in the labor market, in terms of providing job opportunities and the ability to attract more investments, while the chemical industries are among the sectors with a density High capital, leather and textile industries are among the labor-intensive sectors, and wood and furniture industries are among the sectors in need of support.

The head of the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry, Eng. Fathi Al-Jaghbir, stressed the importance of the industrial sector and its role in employment and reducing unemployment rates, as it is “the most capable of creating job opportunities in the national economy,” noting that the analysis of average employment in various economic activities showed that the average number of workers in an industrial establishment It reaches about 11 workers, while the average in other economic sectors in the private sector is 4 workers, which confirms the industry’s ability to create job opportunities and employ employment.

He said that Jordanian workers constitute the vast majority of the total workers in the industrial sector, at a rate of more than 80 percent, pointing out that if Jordanian workers are excluded within the leather and textile industries sector, they reach nearly 90 percent of the total workers in the industrial sector.

Jaghbir added that industry is one of the promising sectors in employing Jordanian workers, which reduces unemployment among Jordanian youth, stressing that the sector is a model for a safe operating environment, through its keenness to guarantee the rights of its workers “in a manner that guarantees all their requirements and freedoms by involving about 85 percent of them in The umbrella of the Social Security and Health Insurance Corporation.

He pointed out that any increase of one billion dinars in exports is capable of generating about 34,000 new jobs, in addition to the effect of attracting investment and expanding production, calling for the development of the sector, which will directly reduce unemployment rates.

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