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598,000 parcels have been sent through Queen Alia Airport since the beginning of 2022

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publish date 2022-09-17 11:26:26

Compass – The number of postal parcels received by the Kingdom during the first half of this year increased by 42 percent, compared to the same period last year.
According to statistical data, the Jordan News Agency (Petra) arrived from the Syndicate of Clothes, Shoes and Fabrics Merchants, the number of postal parcels that arrived in the Kingdom through Queen Alia International Airport, during the first half of this year, 598,000 parcels, compared to 422,000 parcels during the same period of the year. past 2021.

The head of the union, Sultan Allan, indicated to (Petra), that 85 percent of the postal parcels incoming to the Kingdom during the half of this year were clothes and shoes, which confirms the impact of this on importers and traditional traders working in the sector throughout the Kingdom, saying, “It is becoming more and more intrusive on our trade.” traditional.”
He added that these figures confirm that the imbalance in the trade of the clothing and footwear sector, and what it has been suffering from for years in terms of a state of decline and contraction in activity, weak markets and a decline in demand to high levels, is mainly due to the incursion of postal parcels on traditional trade.

He explained that the numbers of postal parcels incoming to the Kingdom confirm that citizens have purchasing power, but they are not exploited for the benefit of the national economy, and the first beneficiary is companies operating outside the country, in addition to the absence of control over imported goods for the benefit of citizens, and the reluctance of international brands to expand and invest in Jordan, as many counterfeit brands pass through. Via parcel post without supervision.

He stressed the importance of achieving justice in the fees and taxes paid by everyone, whether the goods are imported through postal parcels or through merchants, in addition to equality between the two parties with oversight, as it is a right for the consumer and the citizen, stressing that the growth rate of electronic commerce in the world does not exceed 8 percent today.

Allan, also a member of the Board of Directors of the Amman Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that the goods received through postal parcels are not subject to the guessing processes that affect the imports of traditional traders, “not even any kind of care for the purposes of checking the values ​​received on the postal parcel and ensuring their validity.”
He stressed the need not to leave the door wide open for electronic sales via postal parcels without real controls, the least of which is equality in taxes and customs fees, in order to achieve justice and equality between the two parties.
Allan explained that foreign companies operating outside the Kingdom are the first beneficiaries of the trade that takes place through postal parcels, at the expense of local companies and international agencies that pay fees and taxes on their imports of goods and operational costs such as store wages and employee salaries and others.
The United States of America, Turkey, the European Union and Southeast Asian countries, especially China, are the countries from which products and goods are most purchased online.
The clothing, footwear and textile sector, which includes approximately 11,000 establishments across the Kingdom, employs 63,000 male and female workers, while there are 180 brands of clothing and footwear operating and investing in the local market.

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