Why does Queen Camilla wear a stick bug brooch when she bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth?

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The world is closely watching the movement of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II from one place to another, so that her loved ones can bid her farewell to her final resting place, and King Charles III and the son of the late Queen led his transfer to Westminster Hall, and it was noted during the transfer of the Queen’s coffin that the Queen consort Camilla appeared next to her husband, who was wearing a simple black dress And a hat of the same color, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

Camila saying goodbye to the Queen

Camilla, with the simple black hat and dress, wore a brooch in the form of an insect stick on her chest, and the brooch is believed to be a gift from Camilla’s late father to her before she joined the royal family. One was designed with blue wings and the other was silver, which was a gift from the king.

The late Queen Elizabeth had bug brooches that she wore during her speech at COP26, where she was wearing a butterfly brooch, believed to be a nod to her late husband, Prince Philip.

Dragonfly Pins Gift from King Charles
Dragonfly Pins Gift from King Charles

Camilla was observed wearing a brooch in the form of a stick insect with a pearl necklace during her participation in the farewell to Queen Elizabeth, which appears to be an accessory for important occasions.

The Queen consort wore the same necklace when King Charles formally took his royal title this weekend, and she also appeared with it in a photo posted on Facebook. Instagram To celebrate the fourteenth anniversary of her and Charles’ marriage.


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