Study: Most people spend 10 to 12 hours at home without movement

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Some find their physical and psychological comfort in relaxing for long hours on the couch without doing any little activity, and a new study called them “active couch potatoes,” indicating that they are more likely to have health problems resulting from their lack of activity, according to the “Metro” newspaper website. ” British.

Couch Potato

Research has indicated that many people prefer to sit for a long time without making any effort, and a study of more than 3,700 men and women in Finland after they exercised for 30 minutes found that most people spend between 10 to 12 hours a day sitting motionless. They suffer from high levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and body fat.

The same study found that people who still exercised a certain level of movement during their day, such as walking, were healthier.

Another lazy person
Another lazy person

Dr Waheed Farahi, from the University of Oulu and lead author of the study, concluded that doing a little exercise is not enough to combat health problems associated with prolonged sitting, and found that 30 minutes of exercise is not enough.

The researchers in this study said that doing small activities, such as taking a short walk to make a cup of tea or climbing the escalator, can have a significant cumulative effect, and exercising for an hour or two helps maintain health.

lazy man
lazy man

It is simple activities that are preferred to be practiced, such as climbing stairs on elevators, walking and doing some simple activities for a period ranging between 80-90 minutes, and more exercises can be added.


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