Service and confusion: “I feel like a mother to myself.. I am diabetic and lack the support of my family.”

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With a mixture of courage and pain, she said, “I am a third-year high school student. I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was in third year middle school, and every day I need 4 doses of insulin. My problem is that I don’t feel any appreciation from my family for this, they don’t know what it means to drop.” Neither sugar nor its rise nor the importance of the appropriate eating regimen for the patient.

I am tired and “feel like I am the mother of myself” I feel lonely, especially as I am a single girl with 3 boys, no one shares anything with me, all they do is buy me medicine and tell me to heal and Mama is not educated and only prays for me. But I’m tired.

I am smart and love to study, but the pressure is increasing on me, and I am afraid that this will affect my superiority, especially since I am in my sciences and are superior. I am only “bored” from the injections that I take every day and no one feels me.”


Dear reader, your phrase “I feel like the mother of myself” hurt me a lot. I understand very much your feeling that you are alone in the wind and facing something that you feel is much older than you and you lack support and guidance in facing it, not because of your young age, but sometimes we live this feeling even when we are over fifty years old.

I understand all your anger and bitterness right now but could you take a step back and look at the picture from a farther distance so you can see more details and understand what’s going on with you? So you ease up a little and understand that you will not continue your life with this feeling of suffering?

Dr. Azza Zayan, a family relations consultant, says that a patient with diabetes, of all kinds, is more likely to suffer from depression, especially as it causes other health problems, and with the patient’s feeling that he is unable to control sugar, his annoyance and anger increases, and therefore he always needs supportive words, encouragement and motivation. And if he does not find this support and encouragement, he will increase his anger at others and his grief at himself, and accordingly his reaction will become faster.

What compounds your problem, my dear, is that there are no sisters, as the difference in gender makes the other type do not understand well the needs of the second party. Your younger siblings deal with the way they think about themselves, so perhaps if one of them is a diabetic who doesn’t like people talking about it and would rather the others deal with it normally.

Being a high school student alone puts extra pressure on your shoulders, especially as you are an outstanding student and you wish to succeed and achieve the best result. Getting a better understanding of the picture can help you understand what’s going on with you and why you feel so lonely and abandoned by everyone around you, even your closest ones, your family.

If someone from your family was writing to us, we would undoubtedly ask him to provide you with more support, not only because of the disease, but also because of the stressful stage you are going through, which is the high school stage, in addition to that you are naturally in adolescence and suffer from hormonal disorders that affect your psyche .

But since you are the one asking the question and looking for steps and a solution to this problem, this means that you need to take the first step towards them as well. Try to get closer to your family and explain your needs to them clearly, as they may not know how to behave with you and do not know how to support you. Your mother’s invitations are so tender, she is undoubtedly caring for you. All you need is to give her the compass to do so.

Tell her that you need support, that you feel lonely, that you need to include her in your diet and in noticing if you have low or high blood sugar. You pointed out in your letter that your mother did not have a proper education, but that does not mean that she will not understand, she has the innate intelligence, she has the tenderness and experience that she has gained due to age, and nowadays videos are available for everyone, which can be used to raise her awareness about the disease, for you to watch Together, you learn more about the disease.

It’s also important to know that some people are good at expressing their feelings while others aren’t. Your family may be this type of family who aren’t good verbally supportive, but they don’t mean to ignore or hurt you.

and confused

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